Team Rubicon mobilizes veterans to serve their neighbors during Covid-19 pandemic

CNN (April 16, 2020) — The coronavirus is posing a serious new threat to the United States — and former service members are, once again, answering the call to protect their fellow Americans. Many are taking action with Team Rubicon, a non-profit that has helped veterans respond to more than 500 humanitarian disasters during the past decade. The group was co-founded by Jake Wood, a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He had led dozens of veterans on a mission to Haiti after the massive 2010 earthquake and realized that former service members could be a valuable resource in times of crisis. “These are men and women who have volunteered to serve in harm’s way before,” said Wood, a 2012 CNN Hero. “They’ve been deployed in some of the most austere and trying circumstances on the planet.” Check out Kathleen Toner’s story.